Papa's On the Housetop

Papa’s on the Housetop
an album of music for children and families
Created and produced by Leslie Vogel

Drawing from this rich heritage, Leslie Vogel has gathered her own creative forces and combined them with the many talents of highly skilled musician friends, band members and family members to bring out this collection of original and traditional songs. Of this recording Leslie comments: “Several years ago I started thinking about making a family album. I always sang to my own children at bedtime, but over many years of performing these particular songs rarely saw the light of day. It was time to bring them out. As I contemplated this project and ideas for arrangements and instruments started forming, I realized that I wanted young voices singing with our more seasoned musicians. I asked the members of my teen Fiddle Orchestra to join us—and they did, with great energy and enthusiasm.”

Leslie VogelLeslie studied classical piano and ensemble performance at Bard College in New York,
and trained at the piano with master teacher Dieter Weber in Vienna, Austria. She and
Fred Simmons are founding members of the bands Tattoo and the Folksoul Band. She
has composed, performed and directed music for the Hilltop Circus and Flying Gravity
Circus since 1996. Most recently she has created the Youth and Community Fiddle
Orchestra. Leslie’s primary focus is to bring live acoustic music to events that foster and
support the continuity of community.